Monday, January 4, 2010


Had not laughed like that for a long long time.
Put a lot of things into perspective…..taught me not to take things too seriously …just imagine entities conferring together to decide your life’s journey,changing the climaxes and the episodes according to their whims and fancies.For most of us ,life is pretty much like that ,taking things as it comes.Somehow we never make that connection with our inner selves or with the supreme source of life,so the master-piece eludes us and we live and die mediocre lives.The story of our life would read of the circumstances that took us where we went.
I find this illustration I heard from a credible source ,interesting.
One lady decided to do an experiment.She stood on the side-walk in the street of Mumbai and looked up towards the sky with an appearance of interest.Soon another man joined her ,and another,and another till a considerable crowd gathered to view nothing in particular-in the meantime the lady quietly slinked out .
Her point was, how directionless people are in general and that is how through generations a lot of people have made their living on both side of the fence.
There is,I personally believe, just one absolute truth and that is in the Word of God,everything has already been said….rest of it is bits and pieces of the absolute pulled out in different context or otherwise plain lies, the world in it’s bid to survive ,feeds you and me into believing and the lives you and I are conned into living everyday of our lives!

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