Monday, November 26, 2012

Pearls in the sand.

There is a young lady downstairs who keeps an eye on me.It so turned out that she happens to be one of the few believers in the block.She is the first one to notify me about any mails I get,very eager to be helpful.
The other day while in the wards I happened to meet her and she passed on the message that I had a mail in the doctor's common room.
Not what I would have expected.
I ran down to the common room and surely right on the top was a mail addressed to me in a neat familiar hand-writing .It was a birthday card from Dr C and W.
Dr C and W are colleagues who have worked with me in the hospital I spent the earlier ten years of my life as a doctor.
He was the best student in the batch he belonged to at St Thomas' at London.He did his specialisation in surgery and chose to come to India to work as a missionary.I remember one of his batchmates putting it as -'the utmost for His highest!'
He dedicated better part of forty years for the region.
When we joined afresh as post-graduates he served as the cushion in the harsh realities of the tough life which surprised us to no end.
One could write books on the testimony of the person.
I remember one patient narrating how he had had  a herniae operation done by Dr C and when he was in the blurr of anaesthesia he had actually seen a vision of Lord Jesus tending to him.That man was a hindu and he shared this when I met him in the streets of Daltonganj.
One picture ,I think I will carry forever in my heart was an easter sunday.We made it a point to meet every sunday at his place for a time of fellowship.On easter we planned to have the Lord's supper as well.
There we were worshipping the Lord and suddenly the air became so beautiful ,I remember all of us had tears in our eyes even as we continued in worship.I remember Dr C saying' it will be like this in heaven'.He ended the session with a simple ,heart to heart talk with the Father which was the trademark of his person.
Since then all of us have moved on in life-but I carry that picture in my heart and I am sure the others do too.
Coming back to the context,I would not have bothered to send me a birthday card if I did not have the decency to update me my latest address.But that is me and this is Dr C.
In the steady simplicity of his remembering the mundane I see the reflection of his Master.Thank you Lord for your servants.


Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

Chering - Dr. C and Mrs. W. are some of the greatest saints on earth. Their love and care is richly documented in heaven - though on earth there are few memorials for what they have done. But each one of us who has experienced the love of Christ through them is a living testimony and need to keep sharing this Jesus-honouring love to others.

Thank you for this moving tribute.

pixi said...

Thank you Andy,Sheba.