Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Startle of a breeze on a birthday afternoon.

Every time I have celebrated my birthday in a place which is new I have always trusted in the Lord to provide .This year I celebrated my birthday in Basildon.It has been a little over a month since I joined here.My cousin Famsie called up from New Zealand the first thing in the morning to wish me a happy birthday and to let me know that she had dreamt that I wanted to eat a pink coloured cake so she insisted that I have one.
I had a good quiet time early in the morning and wondered to myself how the Lord would arrange for my birthday to be celebrated.I walked into my workplace and got down to work as I usually do.
Midway during work ,one of the FY1s walked into our ward with two huge cartoons full of beautifully decorated cup-cakes she had baked herself.Even as the senior in the ward called out to all of us to help ourselves to it ,I smiled to myself ,chose a pink one and thanked the Lord .Did they know it was my birthday? No.
For birthday present I got a nine days of leave during christmas.
Our rotas are arranged by an administrator .By God's grace my week off seems to fall from 24th of December till the 30th of December and I also have the weekend prior to it.The lady who checked it for me smiled and declared ,'You seem to be one of the lucky few!'
With joy bubbling in my heart I thanked the Lord for it.
I am praying for some guidance as to how and where I should spend it.

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