Friday, November 2, 2012


No,I do not think anyone should have the right to abortion.Life is a miracle concieved by God,a precious gift from the creator .
Just this morning I was reading from the book of Leviticus and reading through the list of abomination and the punishment God expects for them and was fascinated to note that the first thing on the list reads-"20:1-3 Do not give your children to
Molech to be put to death (sacrificed)-
Amazing God, I thought.Our God knew what was best for his creation and put the laws forward to protect us.Every child who is conceived has a 'right to life'.That miracle of life is amazing in it's ability to adapt and come up with surprises in the most unlikely way.That is why it is a miracle.Every child conceived comes with a plan from the creator and when we take the decision to snuff that life out we not only defy the creator but also deny the child the opportunity to live life.
I ,in my practise as a doctor in a developing country,  have seen women come to the clinic with multiple somatic complaints and gynaecological problems which somehow always seems to trace back to an abortion they have had somewhere in the past.I asked a psychiatrist back home why it was so,he said it might perhaps be a sense of guilt buried deep within which surfaces as somatisation.
I find it absolutely distressing when I come across ladies who visit our hospitals and express a desire to go through abortion.I stop my work and spend time with them.Almost all the ladies who have come to us come in a state of crisis ,unable to think clearly ,pressed by situation where they see no road ahead.There was just one lady I remember who walked into my clinic and wanted an abortion because the gap between her children were too short.She changed her decision after counselling and I am sure she will not regret her step because she has honoured what God desires.
I personally find the term "Pro-choice"a little strange.One decides to terminate a life and thats it and that is labelled as such.How can deciding something which is an end of the road decision in itself , be a "pro-choice"decision?
There is no end to that track once one gets going....'The vulnerable' need to be protected and restored to the wholeness of what the creator meant it to be,whether it be a baby conceived in a womb of a mother or that teenager who's become pregnant due to no fault of hers.Restoration requires one to be in tandem with the original creator or we will be left with a poor imitation in hand.The gap will show sooner than later.The choice is ours for the taking.


Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

As the son of a man who would have been aborted if the MTP act were in force in 1941 - i totally agree with what you have shared here Chering. Oh that God would open our eyes to the truth.

Sheba and I are proud of you sister!

pixi said...

Thank God for that Andy.Miss not talking to Sheba for sometime.