Friday, February 1, 2013


G is all of ninety five.He has slept his way through most of his admission in the hospital.He is a border in a care home.He was sleeping peacefully through another patient with dementia evacuating his bladder near his bed.We watched helplessly while A who also has dementia but always walks around with a perpetual grin on his face relieved himself near G's bed.The ward attendants immediately came to the rescue.
G was declared ready to go home today after a physio assesment.
I was getting ready to write his discharge when I noticed that his abbreviated mental test had not been done.
So I started quizing him with the usual questions which always seem to trigger a host of memories with the elderly.Both of us were swinging through  the counting backwards-he eager to be correct and me relieved everytime he uttered the right number.He was born in 1917.When I asked him about the world wars he told me,'You know,I don't like to remember that part because I was in it.'
At the end of the interview this pleasant gentleman whose AMT score was 7/10 said ,'You know that was good.'
That brought a deep joy in my heart because it is not every day that one has the privellage to connect with a ninety five year old with dementia.

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