Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why I loved Inverness!

I have been entertaining this idea of visitng Inverness for sometime.It was the thought of the colds that made me postpone but something told me that the time was right so I packed my bags and made the reservations.I find the paper works somehow always work to the tee.The system here forever seems to have a back up and therefore everything moves as it should.
I reached Inverness late morning on a lovely sunny day.A taxi driver served as my tour guide as  he gave a running commentary even as he drove me to my hotel.My hotel room was a surprise,I had booked a single seater but they had given me a double seater in the same price.I had some sleep to catch up with since I had not slept well the previous night due to the timing of my train to London.Four thirty in the morning-bundled up to the boot I was the first one in the station.A pleasant gentleman wished me a good morning and asked me,'Going somewhere nice?'I wished him a good morning and just smiled.I often wonder if I am really in England .Aren't the people in England supposed to be stiff upper lip?They shadow when compared to me.They are a civilised lot I guess!
I caught up with my sleep in the hotel room and started walking out of my hotel room towards the right-I was headed in the right direction.The market lay before me on either side of river Ness looking beautiful.I kept walking absorbing the scene before me.
In the market square with cobblestone were people sitting on wooden benches just enjoying the sun.At the far end a young kid was playing the touched my heart ,a single soul playing a tune that took us back into time and forwards to a part of who they are ,it all looked so beautiful and pure.I peered into his case there were a few changes ,I fumbled in my bag for the biggest changes I had and threw it into the bag...In between his playing he stopped to say 'thank you!'-that's Scotland for you.I entered a shop selling the scottish knick-knacks ,bought a book on baking(Ilove the shortbread),some scarves and a pair of gloves all in tarten.Even as I walked up the hill to the tourist information centre and the Inverness castle my eyes fell on the backstreet,there to my joy was a christian bookstore.I literally hopped,skipped and jumped into the shop ,bought three books-'Inner life of our Lord Jesus',Women of Destiny and a book on dynamics of the trinity.I also bought a notepad,a pen and the lady put in a calender as a bonus.
With the treasures in my shoulder bag I walked along the Ness river ,came to a church facing Ness with a statue of Hope,Love and Charity outside.It seemed perfectly natural for me to take out my book,my diary and my pen ,sit on the bench and just enjoy the beauty of the place,the weather and reflect on the thoughts.Not an every day scene I suppose.I ignored the few startled glances and continued doing what I love best.Suddenly Inverness seemed to be the most beautiful place on earth.
The next day while at breakfast my host asked me what I was planning for the day.A keen observer he had noticed that I had changed into a walking shoes and so he suggested I walk in the opposite direction.I did just that.I walked along the Ness on the otherside in all it's wild glory..there were birches hanging into the waters,there were stones and birds,the jungle was wild,natural,unkempt and beautiful.I walked on enjoying the beauty of it all when I noticed a  young gentleman sizing me up even as he emerged from one of the buildings.I was a little wary but he sociably walked up to me greeted me and surprise of surprise what does he do?He takes out a wad of tracts from a packet and started talking to me about Jesus.I was so happy but I told him I am a believer.He gave me the sweetest smile even as his dark blue eyes lit up.
I watched even as he walked up to another lady behind me and started talking to her.It took sometime for me to catch my breath-I hastily took my camera out to take a picture..I captioned the picture,'Evangelism'....The picture has the back of the evangelist retreating into the shadows even as the woman is emerging into the light.
It suddenly struck me that's how it is supposed to be.That's what I am supposed to be doing.
The third day was the trip to the Loch.All my co-passengers were as lost or more so than I.
We had a royalty from Dover with us.
We had a good time just casually helping each other out.The idea of going to see the legend of a monster had not appealed to me but thank God I did.The legend runs around St Columbus' advent into the highlands to preach Christianity and how a monster from the Loch had emerged and tried to stop him, how he had tamed the monster by prayer.We went into the ruins of the urqhat castle,saw a clipping on the legend ...I was just walking around when I chanced upon three woman who were discussing what they were to eat for dinner even as they got into their car.I heard one of them say'I don't have my bible with me',the other one replied ,'I have it'.
I was eves-dropping .I was encouraged.
I loved Inverness for it's originality ....for it's faith...,...for that aura around it that makes any place on earth the most beautiful....the aura of Christ's presence in everyday living,not striving but resting.

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