Sunday, February 17, 2013


Jacob  who could have been seriously damaged and could have in the process damaged others...

a struggler right from his mother's womb,puts his brother in the corner and usurps his birthright,cheats his

father of his blessings taking advantage of his blindness,gets cheated by Laban for Rebecca..has to run away

from his brother... fearing his life,has to run away from Laban fearing for his life,wrestles with God and

refuses to give in ,God touches his hip bone and renders him limp.......he could have taken a different turn

there...lived with his limp.....and made a living out of it making people's lives miserable but this is a thinking

man...he refuses to let go till God blesses him.

God does -more so, praises him for being an overcomer.

Oh to be surrounded by overcomers most of the time!

May I be an overcomer by your grace oh God so that I might inherit your kingdom.

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