Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Land of promise.....Lord that I might reach it.

Every christian has an Exodus,a journey from Egypt to the land of promise.Many of us never make it to the land of promise because we hold on to Egypt with it's comfort and predictability inspite of the shackles of slavery that bind us unawares.Have we ever sat back to reflect on our christian journey ever?
I often do and I get those occassional,very clear perspectives of the pillars of fire and cloud the lord has been providing for me in my journey.I also have a fairly clear perspective of the milestones directing me onwards ,these are people,events...situation.....until Lord Jesus took over to become my sole guide.It has been a tumultious, but I would have no other journey given the choice.
The other day,I was walking to church...and I asked myself 'Am I dead or what?I don't miss people,I don't miss places...nothing upsets me for too long...,I realised I am not.
I went to the was the Lord's supper.Stewart Elmes was preaching...the Lord has used this man in the pulpit to disciple me.Our church has received this vision of a revival-'Operation flood' is what they call it.There is this reference to the welsh revival took me back to my time in HCH when we were praying for a revival and the reference was to the same revival.He preached from Ezekial 47,vs 1-12.... presenting before us a picture of revival...he very clearly gave a call ....'God wants you dead so that He can live in you in power.
'.He talked about David and his circumstances,he talked about Joseph and his circumstances....he used the line,'You want to escape the alter because you are afraid you will be consumed'...He urged us,'It is a dreadful prayer to pray but ask the Lord,"Kill me Lord ,so that You might live through me".
I played it safe.I asked the Lord,'Show me Lord where I need to die'.There is a huge difference.I still want the choice to decide whether I want to die in the areas the Lord is asking me to.
This,I guess is the christian exodus.....a journey from being born again(leaving Egypt ) to dying....truly dying so that Christ might actually live in us...Paul's.'Not I but Christ may live in me...'.It is an amazing journey...but it is a  prize to strive for....It is the land of promise .....Lord, that I might reach it in faith.

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