Saturday, June 22, 2013

A voice in the wilderness-the calling of John the baptist.

Having stayed in England for a year now,the longest I have been abroad,I have been exposed to an onslaught of a lot of noises.The only sane voices are the voices I hear from the pulpit of the churches,my quiet time and the Christian periodicals and the occasional quotes my colleagues throw in in the social sites.
I had the privellage to visit the Christian medical fellowship building in London on sunday last.
We had a team of doctors meeting up with Dr Sam and Sarah David.
As Julian showed us around the office space,it left me thoughtful.
It was an efficient set up ,like most places in England ,every little space was used to the full.
It was also according to me,one of the lonely sane voices in the catenkerous mix of ever changing stands and values that the young generation seem to be inheriting.
It was an important place..with an extremely important agenda.
How important it is to speak up.
The more exposure I get to the ways of even the Christian world,I realise how corrupt 'we' have become in the way we take up the agenda entrusted to us.
To hear a clear, pure voice is like asking for water in a desert......
I am confident that there are many more voices there somewhere ....but it has been quietened by 'the thief' ...time ,false pride,security,survivol...and the list goes on.
It is said and I know from experience that if you repeat a lie long enough ,it will be accepted as the truth.
For some reason' the harbingers of Truth' are unusually quiet.


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