Saturday, June 15, 2013

Showcasing Misery!

I spent a day out in London with my co-patriots doing the touristy things which I guess I would have never done, if left on my own.I made a trip to Madame Tussaud's,and the Shard.Not my idea of spending a day ideally but the more important reason was to spend time with my sisters-in-law who are here for over a month.
Madame Tussaud's left me cold.The most fascinating things were the taxi ride through four hundred years of London.The depiction of 'The great plague and the 'Fire of london' were most fascinating.
I was also taken aghast by the guillitone used to behead Mary Antoinette of the 'If you don't have bread eat cake 'fame.The sheer crudeness of the guillitone shocked me to say the least.
The royal family was in a room together,Lady Diana standing alone in one corner,forgotten.
There was Kennedy,Obama,Napolean,....and the Bollywood stars.
I did not see  William Wilburforce,David Livingstone,Charles Spurgeon,CS Lewis,.......and the list goes on.......
England sure knows how to showcase it's misery and hide it's most glorious blessings.


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