Friday, June 14, 2013

Clarkson's list.

I have this weird habit of reading in the loo.
My friends find it odd but it is normal for us at home.We even have magazine holders in the loo .Jeremy Clarkson's 'The world according to Clarkson'is serving me in good stead here.
A second round of it still finds me chuckling.
He has listed his favourite movies in one of the chapters.Needless to say they are all british.
He does not have very kind words to say about American and French movies and the rest of the world is not even worth commenting about.
Anyway's I thought I would go through the list .
On the top of the list at number one is,'The longest good Friday',a gangster movie-I could not lay my hands on.On the third is the 'Killing Fields',which I guess most people would agree with.
I watched the one which was second on the list,'The Local Hero'.
Burt Lancaster is in the lead.It touched a chord somewhere.
The storyline runs along an American company which wants to acquire land in a beach-side small village in Scotland for oil rigging.
All the locals are eager for the deal and are looking forward to the money that is to come in.
Living happens even as the visitors come in and hang around  to negotiate.
Resistance comes from an unexpected source and the storyline takes a surprising turn.No heavy drama this ,yet poignantly upbeat ..........
I liked the movie.


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