Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Did I like Great Gatsby?

Did I like Great Gatsby.I don't know.To my boring person the charecters painted were a little too shallow for my taste.The movie was surreal and tough to sit through in many ways.
It didn't stimulate me the way 'Les Miserable' did.
The presence of Big B as a bootlegger did not help either.If it had been anyone else in the same role one would have just let it go but it was Amitabh Bacchan and it is 'well' next to impossible for an Indian to just let it go ,so I found him a little too out of place in the movie.I don't know whether the part demanded it ,but I thought the other actors looked a triffle too uncomfortable too.
On my way back on the bus I suddenly remembered an incident my sister had shared regarding my colourful cousin,the one who died young.
As he writes in his book about standing outside the supreme court to attend a case with one of his IAS colleagues,he had taken advantage of one of his colleague's weak moments and had wheedled out a part in a malyalam movie for himself.
One bright day he landed up at my sister's place with a video of the movie .Being in the exotic language,one couldn't make sense of it,the best part was locating the portion where he was in the movie-there was fast forward and rewinding and fast forward and rewinding for a two minutes appearance in that three hours movie.
By the time they got to it they all were rolling in laughter at the folly of it all-but my cousin lived his life.
Unlike great Gatsby who did not have a single person in his funeral apart from the narrater,antiques of my cousin can still make a bus-ride from the lake-side to Basildon a hilarious occasion with strangers joining in at random.
Cheers to Great Gatsby! ,another childhood giant fallen to the ground at the hands of the film maker,Bazz Luhrmannan -I must get hold of the book,perhaps I'll get some of my childhood wonder back!


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