Monday, February 3, 2014

I do,my Lord and my God

I travelled around the central India.I spent two full days behind my friend Grace's pallu in Champa.
Years just fade away when one is with friends.We chatted and chatted and chatted .....reminiscing,remembering,laughing.
These are friends who have seen me through literal rain and sun-shine.
Met Mr Jone Wills who was our Christmas father in Satbarwa.
Again laughed through the memories of  those learning days ...
I travelled through the heat and dust to Jagdeeshpur..met some old friends there too.
I did not travel to Lakhnadown although I wanted to meet Muani and was wondering what she was up to.
I have been praying on this movement thing.
Everytime I plan a move I get a clear leading from the Lord.
This time my call is to 'faithfulness' and whenever I close my eyes I see the Lord asking me 'Do you trust me?'

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