Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The first cut is the deepest...remembering NJH.

I spent the evening with folks from Satbarwa.
Senior nurses come away for six months ,difficult times to be away from the family.
The eyes whelled up even as they saw me.
I remembered so many times in my younger days I had been impatient with some of them hoping against hope that they could be more efficient.Now I see them almost after three years- older, tired ,lost,in a new situation and they look beautiful to me,every line in their face telling me stories.
I drank tea and made some pan-cakes for them even as they up-dated me on the news of their family and old friends from Satbarwa.
Jeevan had sent me NJH calenders and I was deeply touched to see the format,the verses,the pictures.
All the saints engraving their signatures in the Book of life,some getting justification on earth and some faithfully giving their best in difficult circumstances for the Lord because human beings sell us short.
Thank you Lord for the testimony of Navjivan,I take heart from it every now and then.

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