Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reading Tozer.

Reading Tozer inspires me a lot.I picked up this book in CMC the last time I was there.Tozer writes about the mystery of the Holy Spirit.
I was absolutely touched by the illustration he makes from the Noah's ark about the raven and the dove being let out to test for the receding of waters.
The water was the judgement of God on the earth.The raven when released ,thrives on the floating corpses,desolation and the civilisation that was built on the floating dead.
Noah releases the Dove ,she could not stand the judgement of God which was everywhere,she came back,so Noah pulled her back in.
When the water receded,Noah releases the dove and when she finds a dry land where she can light upon she does not come back .
What is the judgement of God?
Judgement of God is everything that the Holy spirit would find distasteful in our lives.
Just how important is the role of repentance in our lives if we want a clean slate.
Tozer distinguishes between the Holy spirit 'residing in a believer' and Holy spirit lighting down as seen during revivals.The Holy spirit yearns to light down upon believers,cities ,countrys and town.
A clean slate before the spirit can only come with repentance and repentance is costly

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