Sunday, February 23, 2014

The last few days.

A lot of things have happened in the past few days.
I have been anticipating a move and now I understand I go to Lakhnadown.I don't know too much about the place apart from the few gossips that come in now and then.
I am surprised at myself at the way I am not all curious about the place.I need to pick up my phone and dial a few numbers which I am too lazy to do.I am curiously neutral ,neither nervous nor excited just perturbed,praying and wondering why the Lord wants me there,for how long and why!
I make it a point when I am in HCH to walk up to the map of India outside the HCH OPD put my hands over the land marked Lakhnadown and pray over it.
In the mean time my cousin dear has contracted this deadly cancer.
Squamous cell ca of the gullet.Fit as can be,keeping himself in the straight and narrow he thought he had everything under control ,he was exercising everyday for two hours till the radio and the chemotherapy started simultanaeously last week.God had other plans.
We all are matter of fact about the whole matter.
I was telling him,'all of us have cancer,yours is diagnosed so take it one day at a time' and I meant it.

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