Monday, May 14, 2007

I am preaching

ESTHER.(Old testament)

In annals of the history of GOD’s people Esther’s name is written in golden letters.
There are several characters of Esther which comes through in the book.She was a winsome lady.People took to her immediately,whether it be Mordecai,who grooms her for a bigger cause , the eunuch who prepares her for the king or the king himself who chooses her to be the queen.
She was an obedient lady,she followed Mordecai’s instructions to the tee even when she was elevated to such a powerful position.
She was a discerning lady .She made the right decisions at the right time and listened to the right people.
She was a wise lady.She knew the secret of touching the heart of God and the importance of cooperate fasting and prayer while praying for a cause which would have been dear to god’s heart-of saving his people.
And yet if one were to single out one reason why there should be a whole book in the bible named after her,it is because of the simple reason that she put all that she had earned through her talents,her instructs and the grace of God, on the line, for a cause that she ultimately believed in and was right in the sight of God.
If ,on that day,when she approached the king in his chamber,the king had not extended the sceptre to her ,she would have been put to death and all she had won so far would have been nought.That was a big risk to take.
If she had not listened to Mordecai that day,perhaps she would have continued to reign in her comfort zone,her people would have died at the hands of their enemies.Esther would not be heard of ,so many thousands of years after her reign.

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