Friday, May 18, 2007

Sing along

A Bride for Isaac-A musical.

Abraham to the servant

I want you to swear
By the creator of heaven and earth
That you will take a wife
For Isaac my son from amongst
My people,Israel
Go forth and choose
Him a wife but lest she refuse
To follow you to Cannaan
I release you from the oath.
But Isaac shall remain
For God had promised this land
to me
And my descendants.


My master has given me
A mammoth task
To choose a bride for his son
How do I find the right one
Give me a lead before dawn

So many come to the waters
To fill their pitcher to the brim
So many yet just one
Is she the right one for him.

So be it o’god and my king
The one that lowers the rope
To quench my thirst and the camel’s
Fulfils my master’s hope

She who has the graciousness
To tarry and stretch a mile
To do a deed of kindness
To a stranger for a while

Velvet ,green ,purple and blue
Bangles and trinkets in every hue
Delicate hands ,pitcher and pots
Drawing water ,casting lots

Watching and waiting
For a maiden fair
Resting yet working
On a task with care.

Servant to Rebeccah

Would you quench
This poor man’s thirst
Water from your pitcher
Drink I must
Some for me and
Some for my camels
Rest for my feet
And food for my thoughts


Water for you and
Water for your flock
Water for the journey
Take if you must.

I come from the land of Canaan
To seek a bride for my master’s son
I come from a land of plenty
To take you back as a ransom

Pretty maid would you
Pretty maid would you
Be the bride of promise
Pretty maid would you
Pretty maid would you
Be the good tide for Isaac


Lead on I follow you
To the land that calls me
Lead on I follow you
For God’s plan I see
Lead on ,you lead on
Isaac to thee
Lead on ,you lead on
His bride I will be.


The fields and the birds
Green and what’s heard
It is the creators theme
I am lonely o’lord
Now that sarah is gone
Where do I turn but to thee.
Lo!who art that
Come back with my servant
Fairer as fairest can be
She walks in grace
She talks with a taste
my bride ,my portion art thee
The lord’s heard my cry
My lamentation,my sigh
He has sent thou to me.

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