Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Meal in the village

Got invited to the village for a meal.Could not refuse even though I was on-call.All of us around fifteen people in all hired a van and rumbled our way through the difficult terrain.We sat in the open air under the moonlit night trying to make conversation with the old village folks who were much concerned about our well-being .Sat on the floor on the mats laid out for us and were served wonderfully delicious mutton curry,rice,salad and pappad the way only the villagers can .Tried making conversation with the folks in their colloquils.The lady who sells vegetables in front of our hospital with her deaf husband who always tries to show her affection to me by giving me an extra ounce of coriander or vegetables was their to serve us .We ate, wished the newborn,whose birth we were celebrating well.The pastor took time to say the grace and stuffed in his preaching in his prayers.
It took me back to the time two years ago when we had sat under the moonlit night in one of the villages singing hymns at the top of our voices,and making music with the cups and plates where we had come for a feast in a village home.The pastors had preached,we had prayed and worshipped with such freedom in a strange land which was just a few kilometres away from the campus.


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