Thursday, May 17, 2007

Let's play

RUTH-A Musical.


In the days when the judges ruled Israel
There was dearth in the land
Ebimelech and his wife Noami
Ventured to Moab with the clan.
The man died ,his sons married
Oprah and Ruth of Moab.
Soon after all that was left
Were three widows abroad to cope.

“These children of the promised land
Wandering and as lost in the sea
Three widows in a foreign sand
The future looked bleak as can be.”

Noami to the daughters-

My daughters, I return
To the country that is my God’s
I leave you now to fire the kilns
For lives that are your own
Go forth with my blessings
To your kind to live as you should choose
Go forth and may the lord bless you
For all that you loosed.


‘Do not ask me to leave you
Or turn back from following you;
For wherever you go I will go;
For wherever you lodge I will lodge,
Your people shall be my people,
And your God my God.
Where you die ,I will die,
And there will I be buried.
The lord do so to me ,and more also,
If anything but death parts you and me.’

Crowd at home-

Is this Noami ….mumbling..


Do not call me Noami..
Call me Mara
For God’s hand have been
Heavy upon me.
I went away full
And I come back empty.
The lord has afflicted me.


Boaz,Boaz,man of the world
Boaz,Boaz a catch of the yore
A kinsman ,a redeemer
A man of gold
Boaz ,Boaz owner of land
Boaz ,Boaz an honourable man.


Lo! Who is that gleaning
In my field
So calm,so sure,so right
Lo!Who is that gleaning
In my field
So angelic and mild
Isn’t it Ruth my kinsman
Whose life is a testimony
Isn’t it Ruth my kinsman
Who could be mine by right
This is my land you glean at hand,
My men,my crop,my vine
Take of whats left as of the books
Stay to my side of the land.


Where did you glean today my child
Where did you glean today
Bless the lord ,bless him girl
For the man you worked for
Is your kinsman redeemer
Bless the lord ,for his kindness
To the living and the dead
Boaz is the security
I seek for you
Wash yourself ,anoint yourself
Put on your best garments.
You will meet him at the threshing floor
Where he resides tonight


Ruth went as noami instructed
To take what was hers to claim
She threw her cloak at the feet of promise
Yet remained without a blame

Boaz took up the cloak from his feet
And as upright as he could be
Had got to the heart of the matter
Before the end of the day

Boaz wed Ruth
Ruth claimed the promise-
promise of the children of God
Boaz wed Ruth
Ruth beget Obed,
Obed to Jesse ,then David
This upright lady ,an outcaste of sorts
Met Christ by the virtue of lineage
This upright lady
A foreigner by birth
Had a life worth God’s spoken message.


Boaz ,Boaz ,man of the world
Boaz ,Boaz a catch of the yore
A kinsman ,a redeemer
A man of gold
Boaz ,Boaz owner of land
Boaz ,Boaz an honourable man.

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