Monday, May 28, 2007

This and that.

What do I write on ?There are so many things happening in and around this place.The heat seems to get hotter and the nights without electricity are sitting out waiting for that stray bit of gale to blow across.Meanwhile the campus is all alive and green with every kind of fruits vegetables and flowers peeping out from every corner.The green mangoes ,drumstick,spinach,bananas,ladies finger,bitter gourd,brinjal ,tomatoes,beans and chilly.Malo my maid's husband is my gardener.After he had tilled the land and the sprouts started bobbing out from every corner someone asked me what had I put in my garden?I frankly did not know .Even when the plants were waist high it was still a mystery to me till the fruits actually started coming.Once it started there was no stopping it.I stopped every other person passing through to stop by and help themselves.It was especially a joy asking the girls from the nurses hostel to take their pick of the vegetables because I see them every evening walking to the green vendors to prepare the meal for the day.
The election heat is building up around town.It happens almost every three months but oh the public do suffer .Every other vehicle handy is useful to cart the people to and fro from the public addresses so no vehicle is seen around town during the week.They are either already at it or are cooling their heels in one of the car-sheds .

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