Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aam Aadmi!!

There has been a lot of news in the recent past highlighting the Gandhi scions apparent philia towards the aam aadmi.He visited JKD and the latest breaking news in Times Now read 'Rahul Gandhi visits Francis Induvar's family in Ranchi'.
A day before there was another news item in the Times Now site about how a cab driver who had driven RG to the airport received all the attention and how he was the only person in the cab he spoke to,how he thanked the driver personally for driving him to the air-port,etc....
What makes this aam aadmi so special??I guess it is this very air of innocence and perhaps an unawareness of their worth which takes them to a different league.They are the 'salt of the earth'.Just being with them must be so very refreshing after inter-acting with layers and layers of slimy politicians on a one upmanship game.
I remember the look on Rajiv Gandhi's face when he was with the aam aadmi before the indian politics actually got to him.Just after Indira gandhi's assasination he was visiting Darjeeling.I remember one of the old ladies narrating the incident .her exact words were-'his face radiated with light!'.With time the light faded,politics is such a game!
For a sincere politician,(if there is such a term)being in touch with this special group of people is not only a duty but also perhaps a blessing!

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