Sunday, October 11, 2009

A review of an article which struck a chord!

I happened to be going through an old copy of India today(Feb 2006 issue)-an article by Jaideep Sahni ,the author of the movie 'Bunty aur Babli'struck a chord.
He categorises India into three parts then.India A,India B and India C.India A were the big city public school babas,India B were the small town kids and India C were the types who were seen dancing tribal dances with Indira Gandhi on doordarshan and famine,farmer's suicide and poverty were their lot.
He talks about the times when India A types used to be bullied to high heavens when they came to small town campus'.He talks about how Michael Jackson cascates used to be burried deep into their pant pocket's and the moment they opened their mouth they would be Ya Ya ed cutting all their hipness to shreds!
Times changed.Suddenly the small towns loks were an aggressive lot ,moving into the bigger cities ,working hard and going for the kill.It didn't matter suddenly that your boss had never listened to Michael Jackson or even knew what 'Yes Minister'was.
But everyone forgot to invite India C to the party.He concludes 'As the history of the world shows the naxallites are any day faster than the governments.'
This article was written three years ago .It stands true now as it did then.

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