Thursday, October 1, 2009

God is no man's debtor!

Pramila Kacchap topped the ANM results and came out second in Mid-India board.This girl was sharing how the lord has been faithful in providing for her family of five on her father’s meager salary of two thousand rupees a month.Today during the bible studies she gave her testimony .She belongs to a hindu background in a predominantly Hindu community.Her family converted ,her father’s siblings did not.The village ostracized her family and deprived them of their ancestral properties.The father with five children and a low-income job was pressurized in every which ways to deny his faith.The family persisted and prayed their way through all the persecutions-today her family stands as a testimony of God’s goodness and grace.The very brother’s who had denied them their birthright have come back to offer them the land unable to manage on their own.Pramila has grown into a fine nurse ,more so because she is filled with gratitude towards God’s goodness and grace.

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