Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Eichers!

Sheba,Andy ,Asha and Enoch were here for three days.Fiery people with a single track mind .Andy always bubbling to share the Word,the kids ready with their kitty of jokes and Sheba oh Sheba!I think it's because she is rather on the quiet side I always find myself talking non-stop with her!There were moments when I actually had a a jaw-ache.When I keep quiet she asks after my health and when I tell her I am resting my tongue she laughs away to glory....
It was good to have them here!
I see a lot of things about myself ,I normally don't otherwise in the nitty-gritties of living everyday.
Two days before their arrival while praying with the officers ,I was lead to pray "only what we do for christ and His kingdom will stand" and the entire time Andy's message went along those lines.

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