Friday, October 16, 2009

The Community ,a reality we cannot ignore!!

The story did not end there.The locals had their share of heartaches which precipitated towards the evening.Had a detatched look at the whole issue.Got a vague understanding of unfairness of it all.Decided to review the whole scenario.Have had to do some soul-searching,change the existant,and move forward.
In the mean time decided to review the community's village health comittee's progress.The team is persistantly doing their bit against gigantic odds.They have been working on changing the reproductive child health status in the villages.Under normal circumstances,the RMP's(a synonym for quacks)have a phenomenal hold over the village health.They are at the doorsteps of the villages with their bag which contain the standard dexamethasone,Taxim ,gentamycin and IV fluids.They have an association which meet periodically to review the situation.They earn a minimum of Rs 500 per day which is much more lucrative than selling vegetables or mending shoes.Most of rural India, these breeds pose a lot of hindrance to effective and proper health care.The pregnant ladies are injected with oxytocins which precipitate labour but when injudiciuosly used can lead to major complications like rupture uterus.Now the latest I hear from the community health workers is that the government supply of drugs are beginning to be seen in the bags of these RMPs-was wondering how this worked?

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