Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At it!

It’s been a hectic two days.Sort of getting started with the DNB classes-with exams just three months away ,we have two students from family medicine ,two from rural surgery and two from OBG appearing in December.By God’s grace help has been forthcoming from various sources-taking classes,helping with their course work,helping start a family medicine forum every Tuesday from three to four where the students sit together by themselves to discuss some prepared topics and share the schedule for the next week.One of them keeps the minutes and the non- exam going batch do some research on various topics given for the add-on.It’s just a way to encourage a dialogue ,discussion and a feeling of camadarrie amongst the students ,each one helping each other out in what ways one can.They had their first sitting yesterday amidst visitors from South Africa who were heavily into the system in the hospital.Had an average biryani and an excellent salad with strawberry ice-cream with the visitors in a restaurant in Selaquey(not sure of the spelling)-It’s half way to Dehradun,chatting all the way beyond the bumps and bolts of an average Indian road.
This morning had a surprise in store .Even as I got downstairs ,I could hear the rain on the roof-top.Anyone who knows me would know that I belong to the category of people who scoff at individuals who carry umbrellas and torches.Nine years of my stay in Satbarwa,I made do without them,never had a problem.However,this morning I found it nigh impossible to venture out .I was standing near the steps contemplating my next step when Sushil came out from his house and very graciously and quietly asked his wife to hand me her umbrella.We made it to the IP building and found the roofs leaking all over.It rained cats and dogs the whole morning.Very few patients trickelled in.Amongst them was an orthopaedic patient who had come all the way from Madhya Pradesh!By the time it was lunch time,there was almost a river flowing .We waded through the waters,the current was quite strong.I felt a moment of uncertainity with my weak ankles.The kindly youth from the church guided me through an easier route to my quarter.This was a flood situation and suddenly HCH was at it.The youngsters and old people alike were out in their shorts swimming,playing foot-ball,clicking snaps and generally having fun.From my open door,I could see Anu clicking away snaps.Sushil’s little twins very calmly watched the going ons .
I decided to catch some hurried sleep on my sofa before I got called from the casualty.


Pradeep said...

Chering, I enjoy reading your blog, and this last post brought back many memories of the time Arpita and I spent at HCH...definitely some of the best years of our lives. I am glad you are there at this time.

I remember a flood we had once in 2006 or 2007. It rained heavily for a few hours, and before we realised what had happened there was a river flowing across the campus in front of the Lehmann bungalow. I remember doing rounds in Male was flooded, and cut IV bottles that were being used to collect NG aspirates were floating around the ward. It was such fun.

Finally, we had to break the compound wall behind the generator shed to let all the accumulated water out

chering said...

Good to hear from you-
the guys were talking about the 2006 floods-Daniel tells me this is bigger!
The water levels were down to the ground by morning.

Amy and Arpit Mathew said...

Hi Chering! I see you are working with Sushil. That's great - at last you may find a Vellore product whom you can stand!! Keep up the blogging and God bless!

pixi said...

Thanks folks!
Vellore products are great!-and you top the list!
Have been in Chattarpur for the fortnight and it is fascinating to be in the heart of India during these times.
God bless you guys too.