Sunday, September 26, 2010

An unreasonable man who is courageously wise and wonderful!

I read three books during my fortnight's stint in Chattarpur.The diary of an unreasonable man-by Madhav Mathur published by Penguins could pass of for a bollywood pot-boiler.'The cure 'by Geeta Anand,a senior writer with the wall street journal captured my fancy quite a bit.It deals with three of my favourite topics of medicine,research and sheer grit in the face of adversity.It's a true story about the Crowleys, whose two children are diagnosed with pompe's disease.The father fights his way through the difficult circumstances to save his children.It takes us into the world of research and the dynamics involved in the search for 'cure'.It has inspired a movie'Extraordinary measures'starring Brendon Fraser and Harrison Ford.I am yet to see the movie.
The third book I am glad I lay my hands on was James Herriot's novel'All things wise and wonderful'.A wacky,warm and well-written as only an english man can write english.I found myself chuckling,smiling and was at times touched by the anecdotes in the book.It's a take of a vetinary surgeon on a life amidst animals and humans in equal measure written sensitively,gently and profoundly.Loved every minute of it.

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