Saturday, September 4, 2010

Walking with myself,with friends and with Jesus!

It is almost a fortnight since I joined goes on.
Was overjoyed to receive a brand new bronchoscope from a visitor in America.
Was faced with a spate of interpersonal problem issues from friends,from the one question during the day was why can't people get along?
I have started carrying a small book of meditation by Selwyn Hughes in my apron pocket.Sitting in the OPD ,I found myself having a constant desire in between the patients to get back to the Word.I couldn't find a Bible that would fit into my pocket,so next best thing that fit was this book.I like Selwyn Hughes' meditations.All through my growing up years our parents subscribed to 'Every day with Jesus'and we loved every issue of it often waiting for the new issue to come ,expectantly wondering what theme it would hold.
During my school days there was one more daily reading which we loved and spoke to us.It was called 'Spring in the Valley' and became mine courtesy my mother ofcourse!I even remember my hindu friends running over to my room to read the day's portion before starting off for the day's work.
I had my doubts about someone else's meditation comparing to the word of God...but as I read through those chapters I found a lot of useful little tips that blessed me greatly,one of which was to make Jesus the last thought in your mind before you sleep and to see how he fills your sub-concious life ...and your concious life...

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