Thursday, September 2, 2010

A day of dissapointments!

I am sitting in front of the PC not exactly sure where I am getting.It has not been too good a day.Apart from a few dissapointments which I dealt with on my knees.I keep recieving strange notices off and on -notices to put my signature on-and I wonder to myself ,I thought I was trying to get away from all this.
I keep surprising myself with my own reactions.I have to literally talk to myself and say 'it is allright to be dissapointed'.
I remember one of my seniors in one of the sessions suggesting we talk to our soul as often as possible, as David did.Sounds amazing!but that wouldn't be possible if we ran the world .
The more I look at myself ,more fervently I find myself praying -
'Lord hide me behind your cross!

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