Thursday, September 30, 2010

Delhi,CWG and a poorman's bread!

Travelled to Delhi.
The only referance to the Ayodhya verdict I heard on the way was from some of the bearers in the train who were arguing with a passenger.Delhi seemed ready for the commonwealth games.A sleepless night had ensured that I be behind in energy ,steadiness and patience.The normally 45 minutes drive from Nizamuddin to Dwarka took three hours straight.Thanks to the CWG lane the government had segregated, the cars in a row crawled in the traffic while one half of the road looked empty un-used and superfluos.
Delhi did not look one bit like one of the economic superpowers holding an international event of repute.
Had already heard so much about the mud-slinging that was going on in the television channels ,I did not want to add to it,but I did feel bad for the auto-rickshawpuller who had to make do with a single sawari when he could have done three in the time.
I do after all, agree with Mani Shankar Aiyar to an extent I think!-but I do want the games to do well.

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