Friday, April 22, 2011

Adieu to an aunt-well loved and well appreciated.

I lost a dear aunt yesterday evening.
She was a grand old lady,something of an enigma the entire life through.
She lived in a castle,wore a golden shoe,she was almost like a fairy godmother during our growing up years.
She was widowed at the age of thirty and all my growing up years I remember her as an aunt,blessed abundantly materialistically and she left no stones unturned to pamper us kids.We had the best of tucks and the best of pocket money all our life through,thanks to her.
She smelt good and was an eternal discipliner.She tried extremely hard to turn all of us girls into elegant ladies.We always remember her as the person who used to work hard at teaching us the finer details of sikkimese etiquettes.There were a lot of does and don'ts.There have been days when we have sat with her through the day with stiff backs,politeness personified.
Through all the good and bad times of our life she was there in the background ,someone my mother could always turn to.
The previous day,I met her for half an hour,had a heart to heart and that was the last I saw her alive.
She lived to be eighty four,she could pass of for sixty-evergreen,elegant and beautiful to boot.
As we sat in the lawns over-looking her old living quarters memories of the yesteryears came flooding much of our childhood days were packed around those familiar grounds...
Surprisingly there was no pain,just a peaceful feeling....and a heartfelt adieu to a life well-lived and well appreciated!

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