Sunday, April 24, 2011

Random thoughts....around easter!

Watched 'The King's speech','the Black swan' and an old favourite,'One flew over the cuckoo's nest'.Loved the first and the last but found the second a triffle too disturbing.
Incidently lost an aunt of mine two days before easter and so had to postpone my baptism by two days.By God's grace all my siblings but one are going to be around for it.It has been scheduled for wednesday.My mom's been at it goading me in her own subtle way to be on my knees for it.
My parent's have lived their faith all their life through.
My sister incidently was doing a write-up on christianity in Sikkim and was knocking the doors of old christian contacts for materials and she was sharing with me how the doors just opened up when Dad's name was mentioned.
One very highly revered man of God in the capital went so far as to compliment my sister on her being so fortunate as to have such a Godly heritage in my parents.She was so grateful to the parents that she made it a point to thank them for it.
We were not baptised as kids.I am grateful to my parents for it.
The length of the sacrifices they have made for us and the extent of their wisdom surprises me to tears at every point of my life.I am truly grateful to God for their simple and uncompromised faith.
That is the most precious heritage they have left behind for us,their children ,which I hope someday will be the heritage I will leave behind for the next generation as well!

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