Monday, April 4, 2011

Reverse Mission-The Great Encourager!

Manoj died this morning.He was brought dead to the casualty.
His mother called Jenniffer ,the doctor who had been looking after him for the last three years .She testified that she felt a deep peace in her heart even as she declared him dead.Somehow she felt a deep assurance in her heart that he was home with the Lord.
I have known Manoj for the last six months since I have been in Herbertpur.Almost his entire family has been ravaged by XDR tuberculosis.Now his mother remains.
His life has touched mine in various ways and I have already dedicated two of my articles to him.The last time I met him was several weeks back when he walked into the TB clinic to collect his medicine ,I asked him if he had a bible with him,he said not.I handed him a new testament which he received with such gratitude that it struck me that he had understood the worth of the bible.
His mother shared that on the last day he had spent the whole day reading the bible and sharing the good news with his mother who is a hindu.Towards the evening he asked his mother to take out the old toys of his sibling who had been a victim of tuberculosis saying that he missed him immensely.
The next morning he had passed away.
I was deeply touched just to realize how much the Lord loves everyone ,how he yearns to use us to minister to his people if only we are willing to listen.
Through Manoj’s life and death ,the Lord ministered to me greatly-The Great Encourager!

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