Friday, April 29, 2011

Travelling through life!

Had an amazingly humbling time during baptism.The pastor and the congregation were so encouraging and gracious in the message they shared.Had some precious people attend the baptism-was a time of revelation for most of us who attended-Our God is great indeed!
Amazing thing about praying for situation and people is that there is indeed a movement,a dynamism,of God moving in mysterious ways,it seldom stays status quo.
May we be people who are willing to walk the thin line for the Kingdom of God,people who are willing to come out of the comfort zone every day of our lives in the choices we make,choosing above all to be with Jesus!
Was on the flight back via Guhawati with my sister.Midflight there was an emergency call for medical help for a passenger who had angina.I was extremely grateful to God that I could be useful and the experience made me the sense that matters the most.
Our God is a wonderful God and his mercy endures forever.

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