Thursday, April 14, 2011

'.......Feeblest amongst them will be like David.....'

"Do not come any closer,Take off your sandals,for the place where you are standing is Holy ground."Exodus 2 vs.5.
"Take of your sandals,for the place where you are standing is Holy"
Joshua 5.vs 15.
God has picked up two men and is recruiting them for an agenda which is entirely His.
He is going to use them for His burden to the glory of God.
Why does He ask them to open their sandals?
What are the sandals in our lives that prevents us from fully being used for His glory?
What are the things in our lives on which we stand, which prevents us from being bare-footed on the Holy ground,submitting humbly to the lord saying-'Here I am Lord!'.
Is it our agenda?our comfort zones?,our positions?,our profession?our competence?or just plain lack of faith.One great man of God sums up the sandals in one phrase-'Our rights!'
In one of our morning meetings one of the residents prayed a sentence which touched my heart.'Lord let your Glory be revealed this day!'
Lord revealed His glory through the lives of Moses and Joshua ,but before that he asked them to open their shoes on the holy ground.
The power and strength is the Lord's.
That does have implications of it's own.
Do not shun the weak.
I have been reading the prophecies of Zechariah in my morning meditation.
It has such uplifting prophecies about different times.
One such prophecy is in Zechariah 12,vs 8-'.......feeblest amongst them will be like David....'I say amen to that.Do not shun the weak!
The testimony of my short life has been of getting to know a great God who fulfills both sides of the bargain.
He is the giver and He is the given,He gives the calling and He fulfills the calling.All He requires of you and me is to come to him with a heart that says 'Here I am lord,use me'-He takes over from there!
May it be so in all our lives.

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