Sunday, May 5, 2013


I come from Sikkim.The background I come from, sense of community is extremely strong but I happen to belong to a family where based on the stenghth of the family ties, we have never really had to fall back on so called communities for support of any kind.My immediate family has the church to fall back on.
I have been hearing so much of preaching on community lately,I have and I continue to wonder.
I have seen the tibetains in Herbertpur support each other through thick and thin and I have wondered loudly to one of my good believer colleague-'Is it biblical?'
Today we had  a preaching in the church about covenant ties and church as a community.
A Christian community is a community of believers who encourage,support,rebuke with love,help each other to grow and become what Christ meant that they should be, 'their fruitful best'..
It is a community which embraces,lifts and listens.
It is a community that kneels down and prays together.
It is a community which puts Christ first and is it's only agenda.
Anything less then that, others can do that way better.
Believe me.

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