Saturday, May 25, 2013

The solid rock!

The weather forecast says it is going to rain.
We travel into Oxford even as I see the clouds gathering .
Joy comments,'wish there was sun ,it makes all the difference to the sight-seeing'.
I tell Joy,'we will pray for the sun.'
My lazy self scours the sky to see the clouds gathering like a fort in a battle gathering force .
I speak a prayer in earnestness,beyond my lazy self as I often do.
We go over to Anna's.She is between jobs.Joy tells her-ask Chering to pray for your job,she is a prayer warrier-I did not know that but it is at the tip of my mouth to say,'I don't know,if the clouds disappear and the sun comes out today then I can boldly say that God answers my prayers'-but ofcourse I don't.I bite my words back and I make a feeble protest.
Suddenly,there is sunshine outside.Joy points it out to us.
I thank the Lord for the sun which served us in stead till I boarded the train back to Basildon.
It is humbling to realise how earnestly God wants to answer our prayers if we only pray.
He does it everytime and yet it is I who doubt and I who fail to ask,and I who fails even as I live in His grace every moment of my life.
A great King and  a faltering follower,a loving Father and a prodigal daughter,a savior who reassures again and again and again and a sinner who keeps forgetting....
That is the actual picture!

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