Saturday, May 25, 2013

'For such a time as this.'

Ever so often ,I get totally lost for words.
I feel like I am just trudging on.
I was numb with shock to hear about the Woolwich murder.I go through the news-item in utter shock and a sense of pain that makes me wonder why there is so much of pain in the world?
We are not much above what shocks us when we see it in cold blood.
We are sinners in the deep sense,beyond the cover of what looks like what is right and holy we stand exposed before an omnipotent and omniscient God who sees all, knows all.....
That is why I feel so loss for words....what does my feeble ,sinful self write before this God where every word I write seems like just another rhetoric.I am nothing and He is everything.
The other day I was watching this fascinating movie about Esther.
When the time comes will I be able to make a stand like her?That is what will make the heaven and hell difference every day of my life-
'Such a time as this'-this is the time.

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