Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jesus-the name that is sweeter than any other!

When I first came to the UK and started working for the trust,I remember a 94 year old lady with a AMT of ten requesting me to pray for her.Even as I did I started weeping.
Yesterday I was busy talking to another patient when I was called over to another bed-side by the patient there.
She was the same gracious  lady,brought in with uncontrolled sugar again.Two of her daughters were by her bed-side and she told me 'Do you remember me?You prayed for me the last time I was here.How are you?Have you settled in?I told her I was finishing in September and going back home ,to which she said ,'God has blessed you with a different touch.God bless you,'
Everytime I pass by her bed ,I look to see how she is getting on and she seems to be doing fine always surrounded by her family.
Today I had a cranky patient-in his sixties,with metastatic prostate disease,spastic paraplegia(post-VZV),bad  decubites ulcer and extremely unhappy.Apparently had a wife and two sons but lived separately.
The moment I saw him there was a tirade of complaints and it went on and on continuously.I was a little upset with the family for abandoning him but after half an hour at his bed-side I began to understand why.
He had this intermittent spastic spasms for which he was on baclofen.He had one while I was there and he let out a 'Jesus!'when he had it.I was not sure as to whether it was a swearing or a prayer but it brought me down-to earth with a bang.
I repented then for the irritation that was actually building up.

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