Sunday, May 19, 2013

Travelling to the mecca of learning.

I have been travelling around a bit.Made it to Cambridge to see Joy and the place.
Walked around and marvelled at the huge man-made structures and the meticulous way the trust had tried to preserve the heritage.Enjoyed the green,green and more green.
Saw pieces of Isaaac newton,Lord al.
Met up with Janet,who was quick to connect,a khasi by origin,wife of an academician,seperated and supporting two lovely kids through school and college.
Had a long talk with her.
Amazingly she knew a lot of political families in Sikkim.
Presbytarean by birth, is how she introduced herself.
Gave her my email id and asked her to send me her prayer points.
Oxford took me by surprise.
Layers and layers of academic portals in unassuming houses-preserved through the centuries.
Spires with names like C.S.Lewis to give it some weight.
At the end of the day buildings are buildings-it's the people who have walked the corridors who give it it's value.
Met Daniel,Anna ,Catherine,all Joy's friends,an interesting mix of academics.
In one of my walks,I asked Joy,'What is the use of it all Joy?pages after pages of analysis.
She told me ,'it is all about ideas and selling it.'
I went through the brochures of the researches going on in the centre of south-Asian studies.
Atleast three were to do with Christianity.
One was a study on evangelism as a means of political strategy in British India(the words are changed),someone was doing something on a bridge between the old and the new testament...and there were a few studies on old testament,and this was not even a school of divinity.
I should like to think that Christianity is the 'in' topic.


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