Friday, April 10, 2015


One would think one is amongst a family of believers inside a campus and well looked after but things are not so simple.Majority of us are not believers,for one.I got a taste of what sort of war we are at recently.
I took the step of standing up against a person who has a local clout .The only house in the campus which had an electricity shortage was mine.The only house whose electricity connection could not be retreived post-storm was mine.A seperate connection had to be arranged.I still have not for the world of me fathomed what the problem is as yet.
We were building the ACU and were running after the air-conditioning of the place and even before I have been informed I realise the hot air is directly blowing into my out-patient.I am not sure if it was intentional,but one of my staffs informed me that after having corrected the person he still went ahead and did just that.
Am I upset?-No.Just very curious.
It just makes me realise what we are up against in the spiritual realm.
I also feel extremely privelaged to go through these inconsistancies for doing what had to be done.
The local lingo is 'adjust' and I am horribly frightened of that word.If I were willing to 'adjust' in life I would not be where I am at the moment.
I love the space I am in at the moment.Safe in the hands of my savior who has called me and will keep me.
Amen to that.

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