Sunday, April 19, 2015

Little joys of life!

Small joys of life cannot be taken for granted.
Yesterday after work the electricity went for a sixer so I pulled my arm-chair out and sat on my verandah watching the staffs and the children at it, at various games.
Suddeny I had all the young ladies,anywhere between one to nine years storm my paraphenalia asking me for chocolates.I got down talking with them.
The window into the children's world is fascinating to say the least.Yesterday my friend in England wrote to me about her little one who I believe remembers me and asks often when I will be coming to England next.
I remember that intelligent child with such fascination ,even now when I go back to read the blogs I have written then, I am filled with joy.
Coming back to the present I noticed that the boys had balls and bat and were busy playing with their boy thing but the girls did not have anything.
So I offered to play with them.We played box ,which I seem to have partially forgotten and then I taught them 'baby said to mommy' and 'hot cross bun'.They taught me another rhyme one could play through with the numbers.As with all children they love repeating things so that was what I was doing for the better part of the evening till we had to call it a day because it was getting dark.
In the men time I soaked the rice and urad dal for the dosa we wanted to cook for the bible studies on sunday evening.
I spent most of the sunday afternoon preparing the dosa,sambhar,chutney and caramel custard for the twelve regulars who attend the bible studies.
There is a thing-we say often- 'God is no man's debter'.Even as I have started preparing dinner for this group every sunday my cooking skills are improving.I had a perfect dosa,perfect sambhar,and a perfect caramel custard all home made.I even made the sambhar masala myself.
But the thing that took the cake was the doorbell ringing at five thirty in the evening when I was just getting ready for the youngsers to come through.
It was one of the little kids from yesterday come to call me out to play ,I felt extremely privelaged to be considered a playmate and was heart-broken to tell her I could not join them since I was expecting some guests.
I promised to play with them the next day.I am actually looking forward to it.

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