Saturday, April 11, 2015


I am getting 'whats-upped'.
I find myself slowly getting steered out of the common family thread which my late cousin called 'the net-working'.
We as a family find some way to communicate with each other everyday from different parts of the world.My sister in Delhi keeps us connected and we call each other ever so often.I am not a communicator by nature.I can stay disconnected with anyone for ages and expect the same response one fine day when it catches my fancy to pick up the phone.I keep in touch with my parents regularly now that they are getting on in age.
Suddenly I find I am missing out on the family jokes.My siblings have been insisting I get myself an I-phone and I am adament that I can do without one.I carry around the cheapest nokia set which cost me one grand and suits me just fine.
But now I find I have missed out on the some lovely photographs,my sister's laughter recorded all the way from Australia,the picture of the room my brother is building for me all on his own expense...and frequent family and other jokes that seem to be doing the round.I have resorted to the twitter with vengeance and it is completely another crowd of people I get to interact with.I think my siblings find the facebook too public and I think I am finding the rapid shift-over a little too tedious.I have got to see how long I can hold on.

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