Friday, April 17, 2015

Pray for us!

We started the Chappara clinic the wednesday last.There is a fantastic set-up there sans man-power which a team from the hospital is trying to cover.We are glad of what response we are getting and if the Lord wills it hopefully we will see some fruits in that field.We hope to hold the clinic every wednesdays and saturdays.
In the meantime we continue to grapple with some extremely poor patients who walk in through our door.We feel quite totally helpless.
Today again I had a gentleman brought in with anuria,uraemia,acidosis,low platelet,liver cell failure who is fighting it in the new ACU.We have already given them a bad prognosis but he continues to battle it.
We are also getting a spate of heart patients.All sorts from frank MI,heart blocks,sick sinus syndrome,fast AF in CCF,CHRVD and the list goes on.
One other amazing thing that happened this week is that a lady whose fallopian tubes we had re-canalised a few months back ,has conceived.The husband and wife came beaming from ear to ear into our OPD.We are sure glad and it was an occassion to celebrate.
Dr Ghasian,the anaesthetist fron Maharastra who has built a simple ventilator which saved so many lives in Satbarwa ten years ago is coming with a set for us .We had apparently bought a set for 62,000 then now the cost apparently is 73,000 ten years hence but he has worked out some concession and is giving it to us for 65,000 which is amazing.
The Lord continues to hold us pray for us at Lakhnadon Christian hospital.

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