Saturday, April 11, 2015


The delimna of running a mission hospital,especially a struggling one has it's moments.
We still get poor patients who count their penny as they enter the casualty not in any way prepared for the emergency expenditures that come their way.
This was another day a sick patient was wheeled into the casualty.He had a random sugar of twenty,serum creatinine of 3.2,platelets were twenty thousand and he was bleeding from the gums and the bladder.They were poor.Each time we asked them to get the medicine the wife would dive into a battered purse and fish out a few bucks.
Max,my junior doctor offered to donate a pint of blood knowing how the black marketeers in Jabalpur make platelet transfusion an impossible form of treatment.
The public in and around the hospital think that LCH is a refferal centre.Whenever a patient looks like is getting worse or develops complication after being treated by umpteen number of doctors including the government one they rush to 'the mission'.
The grace of God ,dedicated staffs heal a lot of them but on occassions like today we feel quite helpless.
The government could facilitate treatments for these patients by liasing with centres like ours.Post-graduates and doctors from pretigious institutions are placed in hospitals like ours.We are ever so willing to give our services in the deprived regions but all we find along the way is road-blocks and more road-blocks from the public sector making functioning in these rural set-up almost impossible.
Yet we struggle on in the hope that someday someone will see sense in what we are doing and facilitate it for the welfare of the deprived.

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