Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A day unlike any other !

Today was unlike any other day for me.
Driving through the ins and outs of the village roads I saw a lone elder , his seventies with basic minimum ,building God's house brick by brick with his bare hands .Not only was he the only labourer for the day ,he had demarcated the land from the portion of his own property.All I could do was hug him .He beamed a heartwarming smile and bent down on his knees to pull out barbed acens (weeds)from my woollen skirt .It brought tears to my eyes.
I saw an old lady hunched ninety degrees, washing her face in a puddle of muddy water bring out her first fruit of around half a kilo rice  and offer it .It reminded me of the widow's mite.
I saw a congregation of saints barely able to discern the inheritance, in faith, pray for healing.
I saw a man paralysed with most probable congenital fusion of the cervical vertebrae lying in bed,stutter his greetings in the Lord with so much of joy.One could just about discern what he was saying.
I saw a man ,depressed to the hilt ,walk up to me just to greet me in the Lord.
Looking at their poverty ,my first instinct was to push some money into their hands but age has made me wiser,I refrained from it.My money is worth nothing .Their lives,their simple faith,their generosity and just their testimony humbled me and  made me realise how small my life is .
I had requested the visit to see if there was a burden the Lord would give me,I came back with the realisation that I have done very little of the hardwork that goes into building God's kingdom.
Forgive me Lord .

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