Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A simpleton's thoughts on the current situation.

The first few days of the demonitisation period was a swell.It felt nice to have no penny in one's pocket and yet not have to struggle with the chaos every where around.The problem slowly began to dawn on us when we had to start interacting with banks which were trying their best inefficiently to work out the clog.Every transaction became a herculean task and somewhat irritating.
Today one of my colleagues commented ,'Soon the government will decide what one is going to eat in the afternoon meal'.
The rumours that float around don't make things better.
Another colleague of mine tells me that the RBI governer is Mukesh Ambani's brother-in-law.
That does not give me much assurance because at the end of the day the brand 'Mukesh Ambani ' shouts loud ,'profit'.However after some net research I conclude this may not be true.
While the common man struggles with the nitty gritties of everyday living,struggling,dying in some cases,queing,confused about what is happening one does not hear about too many sharks falling into the net.The affluent are unusually quiet and continue with their business of hosting flamboyant parties.One does hear of occasional loans being written off.
For the last one month,the only money I have been able to withdraw is one new 2000 Rs note from the only ATM that seems to be working.I have travelled to three states in the last one month!
I cannot even begin to fathom what the others are going through because I stay within the premises and protection of a campus and an organisation which looks to my basic needs.
The government owes the people of India a clear explanation.
While travelling in a train ,I needed to go to the toilet past midnight .I heard a youth standing with a ticket collector who was clearly in a hurry to get his job done comment,-'Can you imagine Dr Manmohan Singh ,being such an educated man ,is giving such dirty gaallies at the behest of the congress?'
I thought that was taking politics to another level.
If Manmohan Singh is really doing what this man is saying he is ,that should worry the common man.

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