Friday, November 4, 2016

Live ,love and pray!

         Came back from home ...everyone seems to think I was away for long but it has been just a fortnight.For me it was a fortnight of another world altogether..climbing the hills and the valleys with a cousin who has taken a sabbatical from her stint in the Down under...spending time with mom helping her with exercises to strengthen her quadriceps....catching up with siblings and just trying to get past the freshness of the farm food and fruits...and the quality of life back at home.....even watching football matches with my brother and keeping up with my mother's past times.I made pickles,learnt to make wine with guava and pessimon..ate exotic vegetables like the orchid flower,asparagus,water cress,nettles,avacado,..I took time to visit parts of South Sikkim...went fishing in the river....drove to the site on the opposite hill  where a whole chunk had fallen into the sea. I prayed with my cousin on the spot.It was an amazing experience.This time, I sort of understood why Sikkim is labelled 'green'.
I fell in love with the landscape and the river in the wild all over again.
I became greedy ...and embraced with abandon every moment.....the spa from the rocks in the mountain,tete-tete with my aunt who was visiting us for a few days,indulging on Hero our tibetain apso.
I woke up most days close to mid-day.....and did my own thing.
I saw an aunt who is in her seventies bike the hundred kilometres through the tough terrain..I pray I may be able to do that when I reach that age.I saw my father who is eighty-six about his daily rythemn,I observed my mother who is eighty with a bad knee drive to school,manage the kitchen ,participate in the enthusiasm with more energy than I had mustered for the past two years.
I think I need to come home more often to get past my mid-life crisis....
I come back refreshed, I look  at the paraphernalia around with a lot more compassion...I am a lot more geared,...I will try harder...I will work smarter...I will commit myself to understand my speciality better...I will pray sweeter...I will trust more.. ,risk more....,live more and love more.
Cheers to this age in my life......I am loving it!


Shantanu Dutta said...

Just love every blog that you write... so warm and human. May the Lord clone you many times over. You are truly a gem..

pixi said...

Thank you Sir,it is very kind of you.