Saturday, November 12, 2016

Modiji's demonitisation drive,Divya's appams and Max's insight!

 Winter months in Lakhnadon are slow to say the least.
Max and Divya ,my colleagues are away,Max for his post-graduate entrance exams and Divya to help our neighbouring hospital in Chattarpur with the obstetric load.So here I am on my own for the next one week or so trying to go juggle my work with Modiji's demonetisation drive.I am cashless for a second day in a row feeling absolutely light and nice and yet am heavily involved in the imbroiglo of making it through the system while the patients pay the bill.
I am doing a bit of experiment with regional foods of India and it is fascinating to say the least.The other day Divya sent a tiffin with fluffy appams with egg roast for lunch.I loved it.I sat with her one afternoon and wrote the recipe down.She had made it with an appam mix I decided to try making it the traditional way with ground coconut.It took me close to fourteen hours to put it on my plate but it was worth it.The weather has taken a turn with the temperature around 15 degrees so even after a night the appam mix did not rise.We climbed the hospital terrace to catch the morning sun and by the afternoon the mix had doubled.
We loved the result with hastily made chutney for tea and a  traditional stew later for dinner.
She also taught me how to make chettinaad chicken.
Two weeks earlier I had lunch with Muani for her birthday and she treated me to those deliciously masala less fish curry and vegetables with herbs.I get fascinated by the subtle flavours of the herbs the mizos use in their curries.We are cooking mizo food for lunch tomorrow.
CNN ,ABC and all the leading newspapers in America  and the pollsters got it wrong but not my junior Max.I quiz him often with the current affairs because he is in touch and often clears my doubts.Some polls were showing 70% chances of Hillary winning but the exact words Max used was ,'These are just polls with very small fraction of people represented.There are so many people around the country who love the idea of America as it was...they will vote for Trump will win.' Max was right he did win.
Vijay( Kant) was here for three days .We had a retreat of sort which was a blessing.He got me started on a more disciplined bible study mode.
In between caeserian sections,low profile laparotomies,hysterctomies ,geriatrics,wonderful colleagues and dipping temperatures, winter is here for sure..sweaters creeping out from the trunks,everyday a grace from God.
The book of Hebrews says,'Today,if you hear His voice ,do not harden your heart.'
My tomorrow is in my maker's hand.I only answer for today.

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